Friends of Wedgewood Park October Meeting Minutes

Meeting September 13, 2016

Present: Matt & Laura, Fred & Mary, Karen, Arlene, Jan, Barbara, Ernesto, Dylan, Dan Sebring

Absent: Mark B.

Old Business:

Pumpkin Carving on Oct. 29th. We are on the mayor’s calendar. Dan Sebring will judge. We will ask Mark Borkowski to be the other judge.

Fred and Mary will get the gift cards. Arlene will get the McDonald coupons. Barb will get other small prizes for the participation bags. Judging begins at 1:00 pm.


Christmas Tree Lighting

Will be on Dec. 3. Set up at 2:15. Lights on at 4:45. Santa is booked. Hot chocolate and coffee will be provided. Mary volunteered to coordinate the ornament craft. Jan will check on Wicked Urban Grill. A neighbor has volunteered to donate lights for the tree. We will use the same flyer from last year and ask people to donate cookies.


Packer Party

Will take place on 12/11. Mike W. will be coordinating this. Discussed how to make it a fund raiser. Sell chili? People could bring their own food. Matt will check on the $50 fee to see if it can be waived. Dylan offered to make signs promoting the Packer Party to be displayed in the pavilion.


Ice Skating

Discussed some of the problems last year – spraying the area was difficult and very time consuming. Will check on whether the fire department will help with the water.


New Business

Our new volunteer coordinator with the MCP system, August Ball, was present and discussed her area of responsibility. She stated that she would like to help us increase participation at events and to build up our volunteer numbers. She also informed us of some ideas she had concerning getting younger people involved such as specific, short time frames for volunteering as opposed to longer, open-ended time frames. We will continue to work with her to increase participation at all levels.


Dan Sebring informed us of a budge meeting on Oct. 31 at the Performing Arts Center at 6:00 pm. He stated that the matching funds part of the budget has been eliminated for 2017. Any funds in that area will continue to be given out but no new funds will be added. This is an important fund for parks improvements. He encouraged us to attend the meeting and voice our concern over this.


Next meeting – November 8th @ 6

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm






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