Friends of Wedgewood Park June Meeting Minutes

Meeting: 6/14/16

Present: Fred & Mary, Matt & Laura, Karen, Arlene, Al, Cheryl, Mark B., John, Shannon, Mike W., Jen & Ernesto, Barb.


Old Business:

Pool Party – June 25, rain date June 26. Permit has been secured. Music to begin at 11:00 and will be

set up near bubbler.

Food – $2.00 per hot dog. Ernesto to bring grill and Matt& Arlene will cook.

Karen will get buns. Barb will get ketchup and mustard.

$1.00 per bag of popcorn – Karen & Barb will bag popcorn


Mary will get gloves and bring the plates, napkins, and popcorn bags.

Mark & Mary will handle the money.

Mike & Fred will bring tents and small tables.

50/50 Raffle – will sell tickets until 1:00 and then pull winner who must be present.

Decorations: Aimee is in charge.

Games: Karen will bring her ladderball game. Matt is bringing volleyball game.

2-$25 gift certificates will be kept for National Night Out.


National Night Out:                     Aug. 1

Mark B. stated we will have a fire struck and the sheriff.

Costco asked to have a booth – they will only be allowed to give away water. No selling of food.

Food Trucks There will be 2. Food trucks have not been asked to contribute a percentage of the profit to


Slushies –Craig and Karen are working on this.

Raffle Prizes: 2=$25 gift cards, one massage session, and one photo session. Jen will contact Pizza Hut, Chick Fil A. Mike will contact Wheel & Sprocket. If they decline, Karen will contact Erik’s Bikes. Barb will check with MPS Recreation Dept.

Clown: Voted to hire a clown for $100.00.

Face Painting: Arlene’s daughter will do face painting. She will check with Aimee about paints.

Popcorn: Lori was not present so we are not sure about popcorn machine.


Pumpkin Carving:

Judges: Mary will contact Brian Gotter from TMJ4. Matt will contact Roscoe from the Admirals. Laura R. will talk to her contact in the mayor’s office.


New Business: Old Basketball Court

Brainstormed ideas for usage. Half court, Foursquare, Tether ball, Community garden, Sand Volleyball. Ideas will be circulated on Facebook and NextDoor and then presented to county.


DONATION: A $50 donation was received from a neighbor. PLEASE NOTE: All donation checks MUST be made out to PARKS PEOPLE with Wedgewood Park in the memo.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m. Next meeting is 7-12-16


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