Friends of Wedgewood Park may meeting agenda

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mother’s in Wedgewood Park! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the nice spring weather we had this weekend, The May Friends of Wedgewood Park Meeting is Tuesday from 6 till 7:30pm in the Wedgewood Park Pavilion. Here are the items we plan to discuss. If you can’t make it by 6 please get there when you can. If you can’t make it at all, please feel free to reply to this email about any items listed below.

Park Even Soon sign frame
– First one broken by kids, 2nd one broken by strong winds
– I have requested a new sign frame from the Parks Dept.
– If we do not have a frame by Wednesday May 13th the sign will be attached to the fence

Park Clean Up
– Waiting on list from Parks Department
– Should we get food (maybe Little Ceaser’s Pizzas) for the people who help with the clean up or just remind everyone to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy after we finish our work
– Any tools we should bring

Plant Exchange
– Do we have enough plants
– Do we need anything else

Pool Party
– Update on funding for Suzanne’s musicians (Mark / Matt)
– Plan for music when Suzanne isn’t playing
– Decorations (Aimee)
– Is any one willing to ask local restaurants to donate food
– Update from Katie
– Games to play for people with or without kids (bags, boccie ball, volleyball, kickball, etc.) who can bring what?
– Flyer status (Ernesto)
– Grills allowed outside pool fence, games, music, fun!
– Should we invite people from our surrounding neighborhoods
– Should we do a 50/50 raffle
– Talk up this event… This one is about reminding people that the Parks may shut down our wading pool. I will invite several of the Parks Department management and Chris Able.

National Night Out (Concert in the Park)
– Our House is officially booked
– Food Truck up date (Jen & Ernesto)
– Possible alternative to food trucks (if needed)
– Due we want to have games like the pool party?
– We should specifically invite all nearby neighborhoods on Nextdoor, unless someone sees a problem with this
– Raffle prizes, what can we get
– should we do a 50/50 raffle
– Community interest booths (ex: the greyhound adoption group)

– The website is up and running
– We will include the website on all future flyers

Other Topics
– Parking on the old basketball courts (technically not allowed)
– Future of the old basketball courts
– Come up with ideas
– Possible survey on Website, Nextdoor & Facebook
– ?????

That’s what I have for now, please feel free to bring other items to the meeting or if you can’t make it please reply to this email.

Friends of Wedgewood Park – President

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