Friends of Wedgewood Park April 12, 2016

Friends of Wedgewood Park
April 12, 2016
Attending: Mary and Fred, Ernesto, Matt R., Karen, Arlene, Jeanne Emmrich, Barbara P., Aimme D., Dan Sebring (newly elected County Supervisor).

Old Business
Park Clean Up – Barbara has contacted Keep America Beautiful for supplies. Arlene is waiting to hear back from Klements regarding a donation of hot dogs & brats. Karen will do a flyer.
Pool Party – Moved to June 25th with a rain date of June 26th. Mark B. is checking on music. Ernesto will do a flyer. Knight’s popcorn can be purchased for $9.95 a bag (70 servings). Aimee will donate a box of decorations that we might be able to use for the fence. We will not pay for an extra hour of pool time.
National Night Out – Our House is scheduled – waiting for confirmation from Parks Department. Jen is waiting for replies about food trucks. Would like to have more than one. Matt will contact Karen and Craig P. about the slushie machine. Karen will take care of popcorn for that evening. Bags are available at GFS. Aimee has agreed to do face painting. Sheriff’s department will have a squad for the kids to check out and possibly a horse. Dan Sebring suggested that we ask various businesses for donations because they all have a “charitable” goal that they try to meet.
Organizational Calendar – Mary has created a calendar with dates and responsibilities listed so that anyone can use it. Additions were made by other members of the committee. Corrected calendar will be distributed at next meeting and by email.
New Business
Ernesto showed us the website he is working on. Everyone agreed that it looks wonderful. There are many things we can do such as link to a calendar, etc. This is an on-going project.

Next meeting – May 10th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

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