March Friends of Wedgewood Park Meeting Minutes

March Friends of Wedgewood Park Meeting Minutes
Friends of Wedgewood Park Mar. 8, 2016
Attending: Mary and Fred, Ernesto & Jen, Matt R., Karen, Arlene, Mark B., Katie Vogel, Jeanne Emmrich, 2 Sheriff’s officers
Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.
Welcome to our 2 new attendees – Katie and Jeanne!!!
Old Business: Ice skating – Evaluated skating activity. Participation was very good. Would alter hours to start later if we do this next year. Raised $146 from skate rental.
Easter Egg Hunt/Taste of Wedgewood – everything is ready to go. Discussed allowing a neighborhood resident to hand out business cards – approved. Jeanne volunteered to create a large poster with our calendar so we can post it on the 19th. Mary and Fred will re-do the large board for display.
New Business: National Night Out – decided we will try to book Our House again. Katie Vogel stated that she will contact a former employer about sponsorship. The officers will check on resources we could have on that night and contact Matt. Karen will check on a popcorn machine.
Website – Ernesto suggested we develop a website. He volunteered to work on this and to host it. Cost is minimal for the first year. We also discussed developing a way to have businesses sponsor our activities in exchange for advertising.
Park Clean Up – Barb indicated at the last meeting that she would check with “Keep America Beautiful” about donations of supplies for the cleanup. Arlene indicated she would still do the plant exchange. A flyer needs to be created by May 1st.
Pool Party – discussed having music. A neighborhood resident who is a jazz musician was approached about playing. She stated that 2 musicians in her band would need to be paid. Mark B. will check into having the Packing House sponsor the musicians in exchange for advertising.
Calendar –discussed developing a paper calendar that has all the activity dates as well as permits application dates, flyer dates, etc. Mary volunteered to work on this.
Parks Department Meeting –Matt will be attending the meeting but will not be filling our surveys that were handed out. The survey turned out to be the meeting agenda.
Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

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